You are viewing a most unusual set of rings. I am not sure what Country these rings represent, but they are very unique! The engagement ring is a crown, and the wedding ring a solid band.

The rings are made of a silver material similar to silver, but are unsigned. There are 3 small sets in the band. I have not diamond tested them. The set is in excellent condition.

Product: 389 Price: $99.00+ $3.85 shipping. 

14KT Gold Filled Ring, size 9-1/4. Excellent condition.

This Ring is filled with rhinestone sets, they have not been tested for diamond content. I believe them to be Rhinestones. Product: 522


Vintage Mexico Mexican Sterling Onyx Ring 9.5.

Vintage Mexico Mexican Sterling Onyx Ring 9.5. The onyx stone measures 3/8" x 1/2" and is in good condition. The inside reads "Sterling AIS Mexico". I believe the stone is Onyx, but I am not a gem expert. That is my opinion. .

Product: 397. Price: $39.99+ $3.85 shipping. 


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